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Sends a test message to Messenger. A useful way to see how the message will work in context.

Deep link

Show you a url and a scan code for an individual message allowing you to share a specific part of your bot with other people.


Auto replies

Default reply

A message that is triggered when a bot user’s message hasn’t been understood by the bot. Learn how to set it here.

Ignored messages

Messages that a bot receives that didn’t match any keywords and were therefore ignored.


A collection of Messages, which form a variety of Message Flows, which can be interacted with by a Bot User

Bot User

A Workplace user of Facebook messenger user who interacts with a bot (end user).


Messages that are sent at predefined times to the bot users entire audience that have opted-in to receive updates. Or to a specified bucket of users.


A group of bot users who have opted into that specific group for broadcasts

Schedule post

Allows a user to send a message to all subscribers/a specific bucket at a specified time


A bot user that opts-in to receiving broadcast messages.

Time zone

Broadcast time zone is displayed next to the date / time input. Messages will be sent at the same globally time to all subscribers. For example, if set to 11:00 am BST London, subscribers in Australia will receive the update at 20:00 (GMT+10). If you’d like your default time zone changed please contact us.


Buttons can be added to text and carousel message parts in the message builder to link to a new message or url. They stay once you have clicked on them (unlike quick replies).

Button options

These options appear in a modal when the cog is clicked next to the button in the message builder.


This allows a user to ask a bot user if they’d like to subscribe or unsubscribe to the bot by either opting-in or out


Opt-in to receiving broadcast messages


Opt-out to receiving broadcast messages

Open URL

Choose a URL for the bot user to open in a new browser tab

Save this information and send a message

Saves the bot users following response and sends a reply message.

Send message

Choose a message to send back to the user

Create new message

This option appears if the message title you type doesn’t yet exist. Clicking ‘create new’ creates a placeholder message, adds it to your message list and marks as incomplete. Learn more here.


A way to group messages

Create message (Button)

Creates a new message and launches the message builder

Get started message

This is displayed above the “Get Started” button the first time a bot user uses the bot even before they’ve sent a message.


Button Label

The name you give to a button a bot user clicks on

Response Label

The name you give to a variable you want the platform to remember


Manage alerts message

This message will be sent when a bot user types ‘alerts’ or hits the Manage Alerts button within the bot. This allows a bot user to choose to opt-in or out of subscribing to the bot and therefore receiving broadcast messages.


Any individual or combination of Message Parts sent from the platform to a bot user.

Message block

A group of messages/flow

Message part


Add an mp3 to a message, max 15MB


Add a 1 -> 10 card carousel with an image, title, subtitle, and up to 3 buttons per card


Add a time delay in between message parts, useful to allow the bot user to read


Add a jpg, png or gif to a message


Ask the user for a free text input to a question, saves the response and then triggers the next message


Add some text to a message


Add an mp4 to a message, max 15MB

Message builder

The place to create messages.

Message title

The name for a message

Multi-response message


Same as sequence but in a random order


A group of messages sent to the user one after the other when they are triggered. Eg. each time I type ‘update me’ i get a different message in a specific order

Persistent menu

This is the 3 line menu always shown in messenger. The Persistent Menu brings bot users directly into the top-level features and flows in the bot.



Data about the bot inc. (not exclusively) users, messages sent, engagement etc.


The ‘home’ screen

Push changes

Make your changes live

Quick reply

Quick Replies provide a different way to present buttons to the user. Quick Replies appear prominently above the composer, with the keyboard less prominent. When a button is tapped, the message is sent in the conversation.
Once a Quick Reply is tapped, the buttons are dismissed preventing the issue where users could tap on buttons attached to old messages in a conversations.

Platform User

A bot platform user. Someone who has a login to the platform and edits a bot.

Promotion suggestions

Tips and suggestions on how best to promote your bot.

Reply message


A word typed by a bot user to which the bot responds.

Keyword collision

When a key word has one or more response. Eg. keyword is ‘hi’ response ‘hello’; keyword contains ‘hello,hi,hey’ response ‘yo’ – keyword collision.

Switch page

Use this to switch a bot from one Facebook page to another. The option for this is found in the side menu under ‘Extras’.

Welcome message

This message will be sent automatically to new bot users when they initiate a conversation, as soon as they tap the “Get Started” button.

Welcome Screen

This is the screen that is first shown to the bot user when the bot is launched. It can display a ‘Get started’ message or information from the associated Facebook page.

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