Who is the audience?

How to decide on the ideal audience is for your Messenger bot

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It's a good idea to establish visitor personas and design a user experience that caters effectively for your users.

You can use the table below to discover the needs, motivations and characteristics of your bot users:

Or find an Audience planning table in the Bot Planning Template.



Sarah is a 21 year old university student, who uses Facebook Messenger everyday on her mobile phone

What does she want?

She’d like an easy way to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends curated by the Fashion Bot team personalised for her.

Assets needed:

  • Personal Fashion interests

  • Up to date and relevant product feed

Metrics to track:

  • Consistent engagement

  • CTR (click through rates) on product buy links

  • Product purchase


The Fashion Bot becomes Sarah’s go-to place online to discover and buy clothing.

This information will inform the design, flow and user journey of your bot.

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