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Temporary issue when sending broadcasts to large Workplace Groups
Temporary issue when sending broadcasts to large Workplace Groups

How to send a broadcast to a large group on Workplace during current API issues

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We've recently discovered that some customers are seeing broadcasts time out when sending a message to large Workplace groups. This is a known Workplace API issue that has been impacting certain large customers since late February. Workplace are aware of the issue and their engineers are actively working on a solution. Here is a link to the status page for this particular group API bug (link TBC).

We understand that this is quite an important issue, so we've compiled some temporary workaround options below:

  1. Use 'Bot Audience' for broadcasts. This will send the broadcast to anyone who has previously interacted with the bot (includes anyone who has used the bot, been targeted by a broadcast, or added to a segment and has not opted out). Please note - if someone new has joined the company and/or a group on Workplace who need to receive the broadcast but haven't previously been sent a message by or been added to a segment then they wouldn't receive the broadcast.

  2. Upload or update a segment and send the broadcast to that segment rather than a group. To upload a segment based on a Workplace group, first export a list of group members from Workplace and upload this to the platform and save it as a segment (show some images as to how). To update a segment based on a Workplace group, export a list of Workplace group members and look at the top few rows to see if anyone new has joined - if they have then add these users to the segment by either typing in their details into the platform or re-uploading the full CSV file of group members.

We're really sorry about the inconvenience caused and will let impacted users know as soon as the issue is fixed by Workplace.

If you haven't already submitted a ticket to Workplace please do the following.

  1. Click on the "Give feedback" icon in the left hand, bottom corner of Workplace:

  2. Select "Is something broken?"

  3. Insert details of the issue:

  4. Submit your feedback.

If you'd like to check in on Workplace's progress for fixing the issue then please click here (link to Workplace bug status.)

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