Using the Jump functionality in your Messenger bot
The advantages of adding a Jump into your message journey
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When you are building a survey or a long message journey, adding a Jump to your message can help the user move quickly through the experience.

By adding a Jump, the user doesn't have to take any action and is merely shown the next message.

When you are creating a message, just add a Jump message part:

Then choose the message you wish to Jump to, and that is it.

See below for a real quick how-to video and test:

Something to note:
You are able to count the number of times someone has seen a 'Jump' message.
However, if you create a Message Journey funnel, when you add a message that is a Jump message, no data will show in that instance.

For example:
The count of number of users and the number of interactions of that message will show in message number 1 but will be 0 in message number 2.
You have to skip message number 2 and add message number 3 to the journey.

Like below, message number 2 is a Jump message so the data shows as 0:

In this Message Journey funnel, message number 2 has been skipped:

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