Image and Video Specifications
All the information you need to create assets for your Messenger bot
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Images, GIFs and videos can really bring your bot to life... as long as they're the right size. If your files are too big or awkwardly sized, it can make for a slow and ugly user experience. Here are a few top tips to help you when creating visuals for your bot!


An image message part can consist of either a jpg, gif or png. Images can come in any size, but we recommend you keep them below 2MB so the load time is reduced.


GIFs should be in a .gif format and we also recommend they are around the 2MB size. You can upload a GIF that is up to 5MB in size, but the load time may become longer. But feel free to give it a go and test if you can't get the file any smaller.


Video must be MP4 files and must be less than 15MB (anything under 10MB is ideal for load time). Ideally, they should be under 1 and half minutes too - no one wants to spend too much time watching a video within a bot! If your video is longer or higher in resolution, feel free to link to a Youtube page. This is super easy - simply create a button and link the video URL in the button settings.

Carousel images

A carousel image is landscape with the following dimensions: 400px x 300px. Please note that these dimensions are only correct if you're using multiple carousel cards. If you use only one card, then the dimensions are 600px x 300px.

Simply click on the carousel image on the card to upload an image from your computer.

The image cropper, located in our platform, has been developed to help you easily create images to the above specification. Here’s how it works:

Step one

Step two

Choose the image you’d like to crop.

Step three

When your image has been uploaded you will be able to crop it.

A Click and move the box to find your preferred crop. You can click and drag the corners to change the size.
B Change the uploaded image size and rotation using these buttons. Choose reset to start over.
C A preview of your image crop is shown here. Ensure the 'Cropped image size' under the preview is not showing in red.
D Download your cropped image to your computer.

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