Every year on May 4th, the world celebrates Star Wars Day. The unofficial holiday has been going strong since 2011 and was chosen due to the pun “May The Fourth be with You”. The day is hugely popular, and tends to trend across social media platforms and see lots of conversation and activity from brands, news organizations, publishers and celebrities. 

Star Wars Day represents a great moment to drive engagement from your staff with something fun and amusing that connects them to their colleagues and makes them feel part of a bigger community. 

So, let’s show you how to build an awesome 10 question star wars quiz that allows your staff to test their knowledge and compete with each other on Workplace. 


  • Time to build: 15 minutes 

  • Skill level: Easy 

What you need

In order to build this bot you will need: 

  • An account with The Bot Platform

  • Admin status on your Workplace instance so you can connect the bot

  • A computer that, ideally, is running Chrome

Click below to watch a video tutorial, or read on for written instructions.

Template instructions

Step 1: Creating an account

Ok, so the first thing we’re going to do is log into The Bot Platform. You can do this by clicking this link. Sign in using your TBP log in details. If you don’t have a TBP log in then you can sign up for a free trial using this link. Once you’ve done this you’ll need to verify your email. As we’re security conscious, we’ll use this as an opportunity to suggest all users enable 2FA too.

Step 2: Launching the template

Once you’ve verified your email you’ll be logged in to your dashboard. If you’re a new TBP user then you’ll see a blank dashboard like the image below. As you build bots they would appear here. 

Click on the blue “Create a new bot” button. 

You’ll then see our template dashboard screen. There are a number of different templates you can choose and each has a ‘Learn more’ button that clicks through to more information about that particular use case. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to click on the ‘Star Wars quiz’ icon.

You’ll then be asked to name your bot. This is the name for how your bot will appear on The Bot Platform. We will come to what your staff see when they use the bot when we connect it to Workplace in step 4. 

Type in a name for your bot, for example “Star Wars Day Quiz”, and click the blue ‘Save’ button. 

Congratulations - you have now launched your first bot! This isn’t live on Workplace yet, but you now have a template that you can start editing! 

On the dashboard screen you’ll see a description of this template. Clicking on the ? icon will open this Help Doc. We’ll come back to the orange bar at the top that says “Connect to Workplace” in step 4.

Click on the blue “Customize your bot” button and you’ll be taken to the message menu.  

The message menu contains all the messages that make up a given bot. 

This template consists of:

  • 1 x welcome message (which can be used as a broadcast) 

  • 10 x questions with accompanying correct/incorrect answers and point scoring

  • See final score and option to share on Workplace

  • A default reply (although you can also choose to remove text input entirely) 

Step 3: Reviewing and editing the template

We’re going to start with the Welcome Message. Click on the blue ‘edit’ button to open that particular message. 

The Welcome Message is the first message your staff will see when they start using the bot.

It is made up of a GIF, two message parts and a button that clicks on to the first question.

If you want to change any of the text then click into the text bubbles and amend as necessary. Then click the ‘Switch to Navigation’ button in the blue bar. 

This will change the blue bar to orange and will put you into Navigation mode. This means you can click on the various messages to see how the bot is put together. This is a great way of easily seeing which messages you want to edit or change, or to just familiarize yourself with how a bot is linked together. 

Click on the button at the bottom that says ‘Yes’ and you’ll be taken to the first question of the quiz. 

This message starts with a reset score message part. This means any user that sees this message will have their score reset to zero. 

Click on one of the answers to go to the next message. 

Depending on which option you clicked, the next message will either be a correct or incorrect message. Click on the button that says ‘Next question’ to go to the next message. Keep clicking through the messages until you get to the message that displays your score. 

This message is called ‘Star Wars - Finish’ and contains 3 message variations based on the score the user gets. For those who get a score of 8 or above they will see a different message to those who score between 4 and 8 or those who score less than 4 out of 10.

The bottom of each message includes two buttons - one button that allows the user to take the quiz again to try to beat their score, and one button that gives them the option to share their results with colleagues on Workplace. Before we set this up we will need to connect the bot to Workplace. Click the blue ‘Save’ button and you’ll go back to the message menu.  

Step 4: Connecting to Workplace

Click on the ‘Connect to Workplace’ button in the orange bar. 

You’ll see a screen that asks you to connect your Workplace account. Click the blue ‘I am a Workplace Admin’ button. If you’re not an admin, you’ll need to involve someone from your company who is in order to add the bot to your Workplace instance.

Ensure all the boxes are ticked on the next screen giving your bot various permissions and then click the red ‘Next’ button at the bottom. 

You’ll then be redirected to Workplace’s website and asked which Workplace account you would like to use. Click on the correct one. Note, you may only have one account to choose from here unless you have a test or sandbox instance that you have an account for too. 

Now we have the ability to customize how the bot will look to your staff and which groups on Workplace can access it. 

We’ll start off with the bot name, description and icon. 

Click the ‘Customise’ button and enter the name you’d like your bot to appear in the ‘Integration name’ section. This will be the name your staff will see when they use the bot. 

Then update the description of the integration. Change it to something short and sweet like “Test your knowledge in our fun Star Wars quiz!”. 

You can change the logo/icon of the bot too. For example, if you wanted the icon to be an image of Yoda or any other Star Wars related icon. Simply click the ‘Update logo’ button, add one from your computer and resize as appropriate. Then click the blue ‘Crop and Save button’. 

Now we need to select which groups have access to the bot. You can change this whenever you want, so our suggestion is to start off by connecting it to a test group. Click the ‘Specific groups’ button and then start typing the name of your group. Your group should appear. Click on it and it will add to the text bar. Then click on the blue ‘Add to Workplace’ button. 

Wait a few seconds and then you’ll be redirected back to The Bot Platform and you should now see a green bar at the top of your dashboard that says “Success! Your bot has been successfully connected to Workplace”. 

Now go back to the message menu and locate the message called ‘Quiz - share’. 

This is the message your staff will see once they click the ‘Share results’ button. 

The top message part is a ‘Group Post’ that will send the user’s score to a specific Workplace Group. To select a specific group then click at the bottom of the first message part where it says ‘Star Wars Quiz Results’.

Type in the name of the group you want the scores to be posted to. If you can’t find the name of the group then click the ‘Refresh groups’ button. After you’ve selected the correct group click the blue save button. 

Then scroll down to the last message part in the ‘Quiz - share’ message and click on the cog in the button that says ‘See Workplace Group’. 

You’ll see a screen that looks like this. Paste in the URL of your Workplace group here and then click save. 

If you would prefer to have users post their scores themselves then you can delete the Group Post message and change the text to include the correct instructions - eg. screenshot your score and share it to X group on Workplace. 

Once you’re happy with your quiz score message then click the blue save button and you’ll go back to the message menu. Click the ‘Push changes live’ button in the orange bar. 

Your bot is now ready to use. Click on the name of the bot in the top left of the dashboard. In the image above we would click on the button that says ‘Star Wars Day Quiz’ with the Workplace icon next to it. 

Click on that and your bot will open in a new tab on your computer. Or, search for the name of your bot on Workplace Chat on your phone.

The screen you’ll see is the Get Started message you edited earlier. 

Click the ‘Get Started’ button at the bottom of your screen to start using the bot. 

And that’s it - easy! To drive adoption we suggest sending your Welcome Message as a broadcast message. And for anyone who wants to add in an extra bit of magic, you can also create a leaderboard using Integromat

May the fourth be with you! 

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