You now have the ability to upload a csv of email addresses or external IDs to create a segment of users within your bot.

Advantages of Segments
To capture specific people who may not be part of a group on Workplace.
To ensure that only the people on your list receive your messages.

How to create your segment
Go to your account on the platform and the bot you wish to use.

  1. Go to 'Manage Segments'.

 2. Choose a segment or create a new one.
     Check you have 'read user email addresses' permission on your Workplace integration if you want to upload email addresses. External IDs will work without this.

3. You'll now see an option for 'Upload a CSV file of Workplace user emails or external ids'.

4. Hit 'choose file'. Your file needs to be a csv file with one column of email addresses and/or external IDs of users on your Workplace instance. It must just have an email address or external ID per cell with no other information. Then click 'Upload users'.

5. Once you've uploaded your csv you should see a little success message at the top of the page and it will then appear in a table saying 'pending' before moving to say 'processing'. Your file may show it is processing for a few minutes depending on the number of users you have uploaded.

6. When it is complete it will either say 'completed' or 'error' - if it's completed then you have successfully uploaded all users to the segment and you'll see that number of users have been added to the segment.

If there is an error, that means we weren't able to process some (or all) of the users in your file. This could be for a number of reasons such as a Facebook error or perhaps the user doesn't exist. 

Those we were able to process will have been uploaded to your segment.

You can then download a report of those who weren't added to the segment and we suggest checking it to see if you believe those users should exist and if so, then just uploading that csv and trying it again.

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