To quickly build an audience for your bot, you can upload a CSV of email addresses or external IDs to create a segment of users. Segments allow you to capture specific people who may not be part of a group on Workplace and ensure that only the people on your list receive your messages.

How to create your segment
Go to your account on the platform and the bot you wish to use.

1) Go to 'Manage Segments' under Broadcasting

2) Choose a segment or create a new one

3) Now it's time to build your segment. You can upload a small group of users in the bar under 'User Emails to add (one per line)' or upload large groups of segments via a CSV.

To upload a CSV of users, click 'choose file'. Your file needs to be a CSV file with one column of email addresses and/or external IDs of users on your Workplace instance. It should only contain the email address or external ID of each user, with no other information. Then click 'Upload users'.

4) The platform will now start processing your CSV. Please note that your file may take a certain amount of time to process, depending on the number of users you have uploaded. We recommend you create and upload users to your segment some time in advance to scheduling your broadcast.

5) When the upload is complete, you will receive a status update in the status column. If there were issues, the segment table will say “completed with errors”, and will display the exact numbers of total users, added users, and failed. You will also be able to see that number of users have been added to the segment.

If there is an error, that means we weren't able to process some (or all) of the users in your file. This could be for a number of reasons such as:

• the user(s) are not a part of the group(s) attached to the bot

• the user is no longer on the Workplace instance

• there's a typo in the user's email address

• the right permissions on the integration are not ticked in order to access user info

You can see these errors in more detail by clicking the 'Report' button. A CSV will then be downloaded to your device containing a list of the email addresses uploaded and those that could not be found:

6) If you want to review your segment to see which staff members are and aren't included, you can do so by clicking “Download list of users” in the Manage Segment section. The CSV downloaded has the name and email of each user within that segment.

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