If you don't already have an account with The Bot Platform then click here to request a free trial account and see just how easy our no-code bot building and automation platform makes it to build your own work tools on Microsoft Teams.  

NB - While you can use a webhook without an upgraded account, you need a premium account (currently £10 per month per user) in order to send a webhook response. 

To set up a webhook, you need to go to Create and select ‘Build an Instant Flow’. You now want to choose, ‘When a http request is received’. 

Click create and you will have your first trigger step created.  You now need to add an action step.  You need to add a response as shown below.

Using the Github documentation, paste in an example response.  You can use anything at this stage.  E.g.

Click Save.  Now click on the first step in your flow and a new webhook URL will have been generated that you can copy into The Bot Platform. 

Paste it into your bot message.  Now click Test on the top right of Power Automate and select the “I’ll perform the trigger action”.  Then test and run your bot through to the webhook. You should get the message ‘Your flow ran successfully’ as shown below. 

Now click on the top step of your flow. Copy all the text in the body box of the flow, as shown here


Now click on the edit button top right. In your top step, click the generate from sample button and paste in the body text you just copied.  Click done.  Now go to your action step.  If you click on the body of this step, you can now see that you have the option to use the dynamic content pulled through from your webhook. 

Use the dynamic content in your response (as per our github documentation: https://github.com/TheBotPlatform/The-Bot-Platform-API-docs) and you can reply to the user through the bot. Remember to click Save. 

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