Go to https://teams.microsoft.com and click on Apps in the bottom left of the sidebar

In the search box under the Apps heading type in "app studio", where you should find this "App Studio" app by Microsoft, click Add / Open

Click on Manifest Editor. You should now see this:

Click on "Create a new app" and fill in the details in a similar manner to below:

  • Short name should be the name of your bot
  • Hit 'generate' to create the App ID
  • Package name should be com.<companydomain>.<botname>
  • Version 1.0.0
  • Short description should briefly explain what the bot does
  • Longer description needs to be different from the short description
  • Developer information can be your company name and company website or TBP. NB. anyone who uses the bot will be able to see this
  • Partner information: 6110494
  • App URLs can be company privacy policy and website or TBP's. For TBP's add: 



  • Add the app icon and transparent outline according to the dimensions specified

Now, click on "Bots" under the "Capabilities" subheading and then "Set up" under the Bots heading. Fill in the modal similarly to below and hit "Create Bot", there will be a pause while the bot is created.

You should then see something like:

COPY the bot app ID (the long string of numbers and letters in the beige box at the top under your bot name)

Generate a new bot app password and also COPY it, you're only shown it ONCE noting also that it may end with non alpha-numeric characters

Now login to The Bot Platform CMS

Hit 'create new bot' and then choose 'from scratch' and give your bot a name (the same as the one you used in Teams)

Hit 'launch <bot name>'

You should then see the following screen:

Add your tenant ID: you can get this by getting a link to your team and you will see part of the url says 'tenantid=<string of numbers> copy the bit after the = sign and paste it into the tenant ID section on The Bot Platform.

Add the Bot App ID that you copied above when setting up your bot in Teams and add the Bot app password.

Copy and save the bot endpoint address url and hit 'Launch bot'

Back in Teams

Back in Teams > App details > Bot

Paste the url you got from The Bot Platform under 'bot messaging endpoint' and hit enter

Now, go to the Finish > Test and Distribute section:

Note that to the right of these 3 buttons, if you've made a mistake in the previous pages then validate errors will be displayed here.

Click on the Download button - this will download the zipfile.

Now you have the zip containing all the information required for your bot, you can upload it to your Team!

Go to the Teams tab, highlight your Team by hovering, click the three dots and select Manage Team:

Click the "Apps" tab, then, "Upload a custom app" at the bottom

Upload your zip file, after a short period of spinning, you'll get a dialog such as the one below where you can read about the app (remember all the info you set in the manifest at the start, this is where it's displayed), and click Add!

Now you have your app and bot set up!
Search for the name of your bot and trigger a keyword to get started.

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