Every bot has to be connected to a Facebook page to work on Facebook Messenger.

When you first log into The Bot Platform (and have verified your account), you will be taken to the homepage which will look like this:

To connect your TBP account to Facebook, click on any of the "Create a new bot" buttons. You will then be taken to Facebook where a permissions pop up should appear:

Click on "Edit settings" and choose the pages you want to use with the Bot Platform or tick Select All. The Bot Platform will then have the correct permissions to connect to the necessary pages to make your bots work. Once you have completed this step, you will be taken to a page where you can connect your first bot up to the necessary Facebook page.

Click the 'Connect' button to create first bot. Once that's done, you will be taken to the bot's page within the platform where you can start building your messages, access analytics and send broadcasts. You can create more bots (contract permitting), by going to your TBP homepage and clicking on "Create a new bot". You will then be asked to repeat the above steps again.

Please note, you have to have Admin status in the Page Roles section of your Facebook page settings in order to access page permissions and therefore create a bot. If you do not have this level of permission, the page will not show up in the list on Facebook or in The Bot Platform.

Happy bot building!

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