Being able to push a survey straight into Workplace chat, or into a Workplace group, with no long sign in process makes bots such an amazing tool for surveys!

Here are 10 tips which will help you focus on your bot design and bot promotion to make sure you hit those targets.

  1. Set a target of completed surveys. You can expect at least a 25%-30% completion rate. Approximately 60% of staff sent the broadcast will open and begin the survey.
  2. When planning the bot think carefully on how you are going to use Attributes and Segments to send out survey completion reminder broadcasts. You should include questions like, 'Would you like to complete this later? 'Not interested', 'Can I remind you next week?' 'Can I remind you this Friday'? You can then use this information to send broadcast reminders
  3. Give the bot a name and personality.
  4. Give it character and humour. If a question gets a negative response, send a sad reply or sad Gif. Be sure to make the copy encouraging and the good responses appreciated.
  5. Make the most of Quick Replies and carousels to give multiple choice options, so staff can click through your survey quickly.
  6. For those vital comments and personal feedback, leave those to the end. You will see the greatest drop off rate, the moment you ask someone to type in their comments.
  7. `A week or two before the survey, inform staff of the date, how long it will take, how many questions they can expect. Have senior staff and managers, push the notification of the survey organically across Workplace groups. Have printed posters in noticeboards and break out areas. Ask the CEO to do a short video encouraging staff to complete the survey
  8. Allow at least two weeks for the survey and plan your broadcast and promotion strategy before the bot goes live.
  9. Create a broadcast strategy for survey pushes over the two weeks of your survey. For eg. if you have created an Attribute where someone has send 'Remind me on Thursday' or 'Remind me next week' you can message them directly. If there are people within the group who have not opened the first survey message, you can create a broadcast to encourage them to participate.
  10. Make sure you understand the Analytics, Message Journeys and Message Engagement counts, to monitor the progress of your survey. You can create several Message Journeys to monitor where you drop offs are. Message Engagement counts each time a message has had an interaction.

Good Luck

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