From Zendesk agent, click the top right hand corner to open chat and then click chat dashboard:

From the chat dashboard, click the two dots in the top right hand corner:

Then, under settings, click ‘Facebook’ and ‘add page’. Select the Facebook page for which you want to hook up Zendesk.

Next go to your Facebook settings for that page and click ‘Messenger Platform’. Scroll down to find ‘connected apps (you should see the Bot Platform as one) then click ‘configure’. Set The Bot Platform as the primary receiver and Zendesk Messenger App as the secondary receiver. 

Once that’s done, you will see the app ID for Zendesk - copy this number.

In The Bot Platform CMS, create a message for handing over to Zendesk. Add a button and choose handover protocol. Then choose ‘Handover to other’ and paste the app ID for Zendesk and hit save.

You will also want to create a message to say that the bot is handing you over like in this doc.

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