As you might have read, Workplace are changing the way their platform works with 3rd party providers like us. You can read more about it here:

The great news is that we’ve passed Workplace’s new extensive security review, including penetration tests, security reviews, and much more. We now have the stamp of approval from Workplace to say that your data is safe with us. Workplace are only allowing trusted partners to build on their Workplace platform. But there is a transition from custom integrations to approved apps.

With Workplace’s new security procedures, you will see a notification on your old custom integrations that says they are not approved. This is nothing to worry about as we will be migrating all integrations over to the new approved app. However, Workplace are still working on the toolkit for us to be able to do this. In the meantime, when you see a notification about this pop up, you will need to ‘take action’ to continue using your bot until such time as we are able to move all bots over.


August 30, 2019: Launch new bots on Workplace without using custom integrations using the new install flow.

September 1, 2019: Workplace will start notifying Workplace admins with installed custom integrations about them being “Not approved”. The good news is, we’ve been approved! We’re working with the Workplace team on the migration process, but until then you will need to “take action” by confirming that you’re still happy to use the custom integrations flagged.

October 1, 2019: For any custom integration that you’ve not said you want to continue with will stop working. There and then. So make sure between now and then you go through and approve each one yourself.

December 16, 2019: Not approved custom integrations provided by unapproved 3rd parties will all stop working. Nothing to worry about though, as I mentioned, we’ve been approved. \o/

February, 2020: As we’ve been approved, your bots will be migrated over to integrations using the new 3rd party app infrastructure by this date.

Please note, until all the bots are fully migrated, the "Not approved" flag will remain.

Whether it's for employee recognition, or for running your daily standups, our information security practices are just one of many reasons why our platform has been given the thumbs up by the UK Government.

I’m so pleased we can make it even easier and more secure than ever before to build bots to automate your workplace; it’s all part of our mission to help you to be more productive at work.

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