Tips for your click-to-Messenger Ad

5 suggestions to help improve the performance of your campaign

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No 1 Think about your target audience

The first step to creating a successful campaign is choosing who you would like to communicate with in Messenger.

Start by creating an audience that will help you reach your objective:

  • Want to generate leads for new customers? Use core targeting or create a Lookalike Audience of people similar to your existing customers.

  • Looking to follow up with people who have already shown interest in your business? Then create a Custom Audience based on actions they've taken on Facebook or your website, such as watching a promotional video or completing a lead form.

  • Do you want to re-engage people who have previously taken an action with your business in Messenger? Then create a Custom Audience made up of people who have already messaged you using app events.

Whatever the objective of your campaign is, make sure that you build your targeting strategy around reaching the right people.

No 2 Use your ad to set expectations

Descriptive visuals and text help prime users form a conversation with your business in Messenger. Make it clear to people that they are clicking through to Messenger. Encourage engagement by using graphics that look like chat bubbles. Communicate the value proposition of the Messenger experience. Will people be receiving a promotion? Personalised product advice? A fun opportunity?

No 3 Greet people when they land in Messenger

Create a personalised greeting
These help describe how people can interact with your business.
Use quick replies
They're a great way to make it easy for people to get started.

No 4 Use the proper objective and placement

By using the Messages objective, you're ensuring the delivery of click-to-Messenger ads to people that are more likely to respond to your business.

Opt in to the Messenger placement through Automatic placements. This will deliver ads to people across the Facebook family of apps and services, including those who may already be in the messaging mindset while using Messenger.

No 5 Test and optimise

Try using different variations of ad creative and post-click experiences to find the best combination for your business. Track campaign performance in Ads Manager and adapt your welcome greeting or quick replies to get more conversations started.

Click-to-Messenger ad performance can be found in Ads Manager. Just select Messenger engagement from the list of columns to see the messaging metrics for your ad. If enabled, app events, website conversions and offline conversions generated from your click-to-Messenger campaign can also be viewed in Ads Manager.

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