Broadcast by attribute
You can now broadcast to your users based on actions they have taken within your bot. For example, if you wanted to congratulate those people who scored 10/10 on your quiz, you can send a specific broadcast to them. Huzzah! Or set invisible attributes through your bot, and broadcast to those people who haven’t yet seen a particular message or completed a survey and create a form of nudge. Find out more here.

Group Triggers

Group triggers are another way to drive engagement of your bot. You can trigger a message to be sent when someone joins or leaves a specific Workplace group. For example, if you have a new starter bot, you could configure the bot to send a message when someone joins your all company group on Workplace. Read more.

Two factor authentication
Security is a top priority here at The Bot Platform, as such, we have added the option for you to enable two-factor authentication on your account. Read more about our two-factor authentication settings in our help docs

Subtitles on RSS feeds

Messenger Handover Protocol
You can now hand your bot over to a third party app such as Zendesk to help manage customer support questions for which your bot doesn't have the answer.

Numerous bug fixes, user experience improvements and performance optimisations.

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