New validation for Q&As 

You can now state whether you want a user’s response to a Q&A to be a date, email address, phone number, integer or a general response. This will then reject a response if it’s not the type you have specified. You can also add a profanity filter to a Q&A response.

Create a ‘manual segment’ of Workplace users

Add users to a segment by their email address or workplace ID. You can then use this segment to send a broadcast out to those users. Read more here.

Square images for carousels

You can now add square images to a carousel. Read more about this here 

Improved interface for the list of message parts in the message builder

As we add new features, this list was growing increasingly and as such we have added a hover feature. For example, image, video and audio are now all under the same icon. You go to the image icon and when you hover over it, video and audio appear. 

Webhook part

This part allows you to send data to external URLs from within your bot, for advanced cases where more bespoke processing is required. Read more.

New quick reply type to ask a user for their email address. 

This is a new type of quick reply. The user is then presented with the email address they have supplied to Messenger or Workplace. Alternatively, they can type their email address which will be stored against your specified attribute in the same way as if they had clicked the quick reply.

New quick reply type to ask a user for their phone number. 

This works in the same way as the above email address. Messenger only.

Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

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