Why do I need to tick this box now?

As of 7th May 2018 Facebook require that all messages sent by a Messenger bot identify the type of message being sent.
This change has been made “to ensure bots are complying with policies for specific messaging types and respecting people’s preferences.”

What does this mean for me?

We now require confirmation that you are not sending promotional material when sending a broadcast message to your users.
You’ll see this by way of an additional checkbox on the Send Broadcast screen:

The Messenger Platform policy has not actually changed in this regard, the broadcast of promotional material has always been prohibited; we now need to clarify that you understand when sending out a broadcast.

What is non promotional content?

The Messenger documentation states:
Eligible Use Cases

  • News: Integrations whose primary purpose is to inform people about recent or important events, or provide information in categories such as sports, finance, business, real estate, weather, traffic, politics, government, non-profit organizations, religion, celebrities, and entertainment.
  • Productivity: Integrations whose primary purpose is to enable people to manage their personal productivity with tasks, such as managing calendar events, receiving reminders, and paying bills.
  • Personal trackers: Integrations that enable people to receive and monitor information about themselves in categories such as fitness, health, wellness, and finance.

Please tick the box each time you send a broadcast to confirm that your message fits within the above guidelines.
A user must have subscribed to receive your broadcasts and have the option to opt out of receiving them at anytime.

Where can I find more information?

Find detailed info from Facebook here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/send-messages/message-tags

Broadcasts sent from the The Bot Platform must meet the definition of the message tag Non promotional Subscription:

“Message tags give you the ability to send messages to a person outside of the normally allowed 24-hour window for a limited number of purposes that require continual notification or updates. This enables greater flexibility in how your bot interacts with people, as well as the types of experiences you can build on the Messenger Platform.”

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