Really easy step by step process to create your quiz.

Open up the Messages screen and you will see an additional tab
'Create quiz'. Click on it.

It will bring you to the screen below.
Enter a name for your quiz and the other fields will self-populate, easy.
You will also need to state how many questions you want.
Then click - Create quiz!

So here are all your messages, with correct and incorrect messages already built and interconnected. 

Now you can start adding your questions and content.
If you click on Q1 you will see that if anyone clicks Q1 their score goes back to '0'.
You can enter content and message parts like normal.
The template has 3 possible answers pre-set but you can change that.
Click on a Quick Reply cog and see the next screen.

Your answers, the number of points and the reply messages that will be sent have been set up.
You can alter the number of points for the correct answer and you can add more possible answers.
See below

You can also change the message they receive if you wish

Please note that each answer will have a Button that the user has to click to receive the Next question.
By being a Button, it will remain visible on the screen and the user can go back and re-take the question. 

Here is the Finish message.
The score will automatically appear. If you wish to add {{first_name}} you can.
If you want the user to receive a different message depending on their score we now have Message Variations.
You can find out about variations if you click the button in the Finish message or here.

Good luck!

Any questions always get in touch on Intercom!

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