Transitioning from App-level to Page-level Subscription Messaging

Facebook are releasing Messenger Platform v2.3 in December 2018 and due to the changes that will take effect, customers who send out subscription messages will need to apply for permission to send them out in future. This application process needs to be completed before the new version is released in December. 

Subscription messages are defined as:

‘non-promotional messages sent outside the 24-hour standard messaging window for use cases that may require recurring non-promotional updates.’  On The Bot Platform these are the broadcast messages your users have subscribed to receive. 

Previously, permission to send subscription messages was granted at the app-level but in the new version of Messenger they are going to be sent out at the page-level. 

Here at The Bot Platform, we had the app-level permissions approved, allowing you to send broadcast messages. However with the new version of Messenger as permission is going to be at page level, to continue sending broadcast messages you will need to get your Facebook page approved.

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Transitioning from App-level to Page-level Subscription Messaging

Here is how to apply for and request permission. We have broken down the process and provided examples of what you will need to enter.

Admins of your Facebook page need to follow this step by step process and fill in a form.

Click Subscription Messaging

Click News
Then provide additional details of what the content of your messages are likely to be and provide two example messages.

The following examples have been previously approved:
"We have launched a new feature - check it out"
"Read Joe Bloggs' article about the future of work in the finance industry and the pivotal role Workplace has in it's transformation"

Check your application and send
You should receive the following message

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch please message us on Intercom.

Thank you

Bots of love

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