What is segmentation?

Segmentation lets you to divide your audience allowing you to send specific people targeted broadcast messages.

How do I get a user into a segment?

People can join segments by tapping on buttons within the bot, learn how to add opt-in buttons to your messages.

As a Workplace user, you can create a manual segment or users enabling you to choose who is in that segment.

  1. Go to 'Manage segments'
  2. Click 'create new segment'
  3. Name your new segment
  4. Add email addresses (please ensure you have 'read user email addresses ticked on your integration for this) or add users by adding their Workplace ID.

*please be aware that the IDs/email addresses do appear to have disappeared once you click 'add users'. This is normal and users have been added. We are aware of this and are working on improving it.

The manual segment can then be used target a broadcast to a very specific group of users.

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