First things first, don’t send a broadcast for the sake of sending a broadcast. People will block you or delete your thread, and then you’ll never be able to communicate with them again.

Grow your subscriber base

For some customers the subscribers are super valuable, have you considered using exclusive content for your subscribers. Or broadcasting to your subscribers before you post it more publicly elsewhere.

Why should people subscribe to your broadcasts, put yourselves in their shoes.

Don’t just push

There are three types of broadcasts you can do. Use them wisely, not all broadcasts need to be a push notification.

  • Push notification and sound
  • Silent push notification
  • No push notification

Keep the conversation flowing

When you send a broadcast message it re-engages the recipient into a conversation.

A broadcast message is interactive.

Don’t just push out. Push something that pulls them back into a conversation.

Bot updates

Let people know if they can do something new with your bot.

Drip campaigns

Perhaps you want to send 10 tips over 10 days.

Variety is the spice of life

Perhaps you should send your audience new content, perhaps it should just be information, or you could use broadcasts more creatively and send over quizzes, or puzzles, or other exclusive content.

Keep it spontaneous

Not just the upsell. People don’t love being sold to.

Send them quizzes, ask them questions. Ask them how their day was. Be fun.

Make it personalised

Send fans messages they actually care about.

Treat them as fans, give them exclusive access to a direct 1-1 relationship.

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