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You can use click to Messenger ads to get more users for your bot. These ads are shown to users on Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.

When a user clicks or taps on the ad in Facebook News Feed or Instagram Feed, a conversation with your bot will immediately open in the Messenger app.

First off, understanding the flow

Messenger destination ads are quite different to most ads, as they don’t just ping the user off to a url. Instead they ping the user to Messenger with a message pre-filled.

  1. User sees the ad on Facebook or Instagram

  2. User clicks on the ad

  3. User gets sent to Messenger

  4. Messenger has a message pre-filled, the message that is created using the Ad Creator

  5. The message must have a quick reply or a button with a payload

  6. User clicks button or quick reply, this then triggers the bot

Creating an Ad

  1. To get started, go to Ads Creation.

  2. Select "Messages" as your objective, then click Continue.

  3. Specify the audience and budget for your ad set.

  4. Select Carousel, Image, or Video as your format. (Slideshow format is only supported for Facebook).

  5. Select Messenger as Destination and configure what your ad should look like.

  6. To configure the experience in Messenger, now click "Custom".

  7. Then create your custom welcome message.

  8. Under "Customer actions"

  9. Under 'customer actions' select 'Buttons' or 'Quick replies'

  10. Add the label for your button and select 'Send a postback' as the action. Then add your bot payload (see below)

If you don't see the option to Send a post back under the customer action, make sure you have selected a page that has an active bot on it. Unfortunately you can't configure payloads on pages that don't have active bots connected to them.

Understanding postbacks and payloads.

Postbacks are used to trigger messages from within The Bot Platform. They use payloads to tell the platform what message to send back. If you aren’t sure what payload to use, please contact your bot consultant.

@BP:MESSAGE:[id] will trigger a message. Where [id] is the id of the message you want to send to the user, e.g. @BP:MESSAGE:3. MESSAGE must be uppercase!

How to get the ID of a message

When editing a message, look at the address bar in your browser. The URL will look like this:[BOT_ID]/content/edit/[MESSAGE_ID]

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