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How to collect answers from your users

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The bot can capture free text and button responses and store the data in an exportable csv file by labelling replies.

Capture free text Responses

  • Click the Q&A message part to capture free text replies and store response data

  • Click on the cog

  • In Q&A settings

  • Click – Save this information with a user attribute

  • Type an attribute name (such as “location”)

  • The responses are stored under the attribute.

  • The responses/attributes can be reinserted into the bot by typing {{$location}}

Capture a ‘feeling’ using Emojis

  • Create a Quick Reply button for each mood emoji you want. .

  • Select an emoji for each mood

  • Click the cog in each one to link to a response

  • Quick reply options

  • Select ‘Save ‘emoji’ and send a message

  • Create an attribute

  • Choose a reply message

  • Continue building your bot Questions and Responses.

Download responses

  • On the side navigation bar, under 'Analytics' fine 'response data and click.

  • See Download Response and Click

  • Get a csv file with all answers to all Questions that have used an 'attribute'.

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