Link two messages with a button
How to connect messages to one another
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You can create quick replies or buttons in messages to trigger another message when they are tapped.

We recommend using quick replies over messages because quick replies disappear once they have been tapped.

Step by step guide:

Step One

Add a quick reply or button to a message

You can only add quick replies to text parts, but you can add buttons to text parts and carousel cards.

Step Two

Access button options

Once you add a quick reply or a button, click on the cog, which brings up a modal showing you some new settings

From this screen pick ‘send message’ and then choose the message that you want to send back to the bot user after they click the button.

If you haven’t made the next message yet, type the title of the new message in the input box and a ‘create new’ option will appear.

Clicking ‘create new’ will create a placeholder message and add it to your message list. It will be labelled ‘incomplete’ like this:

Step Three


As always, once saved make sure you push the changes live, and then you are done.

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