It’d be worth making sure you understand messages before you start writing messages.

Messages sent by the bot can be personalised by adding the bot user’s first name. You can add the bot user’s first name by simply adding “{{first_name}}” into a text part of a message.

Step by step guide

Step one – View the message list

On the side bar there is a link to your Messages.

Step two – Go to the message builder

Once you are on the Messages list, hit the button at the top right which says “Create a message”

The message builder is where you create your messages.

Step three – Set the message title

The title is really important. Messages are listed alphabetically.
Think how you are going to Search and Scroll through to find messages again when choosing your title.
You can also add a category to your message, this helps you to find the message more easily when you have lots of messages.

Step four – Compose the message

Now that you have given your message a title and a category you can now add parts to your message.

On the right of the message builder you can see the part selector. You can choose what message part you want to add.

For the time being, let’s just add a Text part.

Once you’ve added a text part to the message, you can now add the text you want to send as part of the message.

Each text part can have a maximum of 320 characters.

Step five – Save the message

Once you have added the text that you want to send, you can now go ahead and save your message. You can then connect the message to a button, create a keyword to respond with the message, or send the message out to your subscribers.

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