How do I use buttons in my bot?
Buttons are far the best way to encourage user action, it's far easier to press a button on mobile than it is to type
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Buttons can be added to text parts, or carousel cards.

How to set up a button

1 – Select ‘Add a button…’

Once you add a button give it a label name. This is what your bot users will see. Add emoji by selecting the smiley face.

2 – Set up how you’d like your button to work

Select the cog which will display a settings screen.

Choose what you would like to happen when the button is selected by a bot user. The options are:

Send message:

Select the message you’d like to send when the button is selected. You can create a new message by typing a title and selecting ‘create new’.

Open URL:

Add the web link you’d like to open when a user selects the button.


This allows you to give the user the option to opt-in or opt-out of receiving broadcast messages. A great tool to build your subscriber list.

Save user attribute and send a message:

This let’s you save the option a bot user has selected for later. You can reuse the information gathered in the bot or download it in a csv. More about this feature.

Call phone number:
Enables you to add a phone number so that when someone clicks the button, it calls that number.

Personal data consent:
This allows you to give the user the option to consent to have personal data stored in the bot eg. for competitions. More about this feature.

Custom postback:

Developer feature: If you have a custom integration, this is a nice way to know when someone has pressed a specific button. For more info please get in touch.

Handover protocol:

This provides the option for a person to ask to 'speak with a human' and thus the bot stops interacting until they opt (or are opted) back into the bot allowing a human to talk to them via the Facebook Inbox. More about this feature.

3 – Save or remove

The option to save the settings will appear when you’ve completed the required information.

You can remove the button and its settings at anytime by selecting ‘remove’.

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