How will you drive adoption?

How to get people to talk to your bot

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How will your users find your bot?
A bot plan is not complete without considering how you will promote your bot and drive users to it. When you switch the bot live users need to be pushed to it.
It’s important to consider where your bot users will come from and how they will enter the bot.
Each entry point should be considered to work out how to engage the person in conversation.


Cold start

Perhaps someone hits the “message us” button on your Facebook page, or they search for you on Messenger. Or you just use the main link to your Messenger account. These people have definitely never used your bot before.

You can direct people to a specific message within the bot via a deep link, or present a person with a scan code to go to a specific message. It’s worth noting that these links and scan codes could be used by people who have never interacted with your bot before.

Via ads

Are you running a paid media campaign to drive people to your bot? When you do this, the ad can link people direct to within messenger, and the ad must present the user with a message of your choosing.

Comment bot

When someone comments on a post from your facebook page, you can send them a private message via Messenger. The message you can send to them can ONLY be text based. How do you get them to continue the conversation from this response.

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